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Markazul Ighasathil Khairiyathil Hindiyya (Relief and Charitable Foundation of India) is an ISO 9001:2015 certified non-denominational organization, founded in 2000. The genesis of RCFI is the inspiring vision of Indian Sufi Scholar Sheikh Aboobacker Ahmed to uplift the quality of lives of the most marginalised communities in different locations of the country. The organization has directly reached almost 2.35 million people in 24 states with the support of national and international funding agencies, people contribution and individual private donors. RCFI now works in diverse fields from water and sanitation to health, sustainable measures to support livelihood to disaster risk reduction and response, cultural restoration to school improvement and family food security to individual special care programme. The organization focus on developing and strengthening sustainable community level cultural institutions, so that they are better able to connect with local government programmes to access entitlements and public services.

Vision Insight

Dr. Muhammed Abdul Hakkim Al Kandi

(Gene. Secretary, RCFI)

The last two decades is been significantly remarkable as technology and its access made a revolutionary grip in all sections of society. It helped in increasing community awareness, knowledge dissemination, and improved access to the entitlements and schemes. The real-time information penetration to the bottom of the pyramid made a shift in the development process.

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Fathima Asla’s inspiring life

My family hails from Kozhikode. I attended a regular school and my mother used to carry me to my school. Sometimes I used to take an auto to school. When I was in class 11,

Perambra Laksham Colony Water Supply Scheme

My Name is Prakashan, living here since my childhood. I am a naturopathy doctor. Normally people used to call our hamlet as the Lakham colony and 56 families are 

From blank to a clarity

My name is Sajna. I am from Chapparaparamb village of Kannur district, Kerala. I have a brother and a sister, both are elder to me, studying now in 11th and 10th respectively.



Fishing Boats Distributed

Baqala: For Livelihood

World Water Day 2021

Fathima Asla’s inspiring life

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